Kyla Rose Sims Branding

Kyla Rose Sims Branding

Kyla Rose Sims is a freelance content writer based in Montreal, Canada. She writes content and copy for blogs, social media, and websites. When she decided to launch her freelance career we were excited to work together but had no idea how much we would enjoy growing our businesses together. Being able to watch her business blossom from the very beginning, and being an integral part of it, has been really fun.

Kyla’s situation was one not unfamiliar to me; she was abruptly starting her own freelance career as a writer and needed to build a freelance website fast, within a week. When it comes to freelancing, how you brand yourself is everything. We had already come up with a concept for her new company but didn’t want to rush through the logo, brand development and website process only to go over budget with time and money. But we still needed branding for her intermediary website, and we needed it up pronto.

I used what I already knew about Kyla and her work to develop mockups. I used some photography that she loved and what I already knew about her as brand inspiration. I also developed branding guidelines that were easy to use so she could be recognizable and consistent across multiple mediums. We applied the new branding to a site, branded her social media accounts, and created some branded marketing materials. This was enough to present a professional face in the interim while we worked on her new company’s website.  




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