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Novacool Canada presents a fully biodegradable, organic, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and UL-certified multipurpose fire foam. It surpasses Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements and regulations, providing customers with a dependable solution that minimizes its environmental footprint when used on their properties. This product is exceptionally well-suited for a wide range of applications, from fire stations to rural homeowners and cabin owners.

Originally, Novacool Canada was offered by Orion Fire, with successful adoption among fire departments but limited traction among individual consumers. To enhance our marketing efforts specifically for this product, we recognized the need for a more targeted approach. Furthermore, we aimed to implement an efficient online checkout system. Although a basic version was available on the previous site, it lacked the confidence and security that consumers expect when making online purchases.

This is why we opted for Shopify as our upgraded platform. Shopify offers a secure and streamlined checkout process that online shoppers are accustomed to and trust. Its additional inventory and product management features made it the logical choice.


We started the project by taking a screenshot of the existing Novacool product pages. This project did not have a huge budget for the design; the goal was to get a website up that was simple and functional. Then, we could use targeted social media marketing to get homeowners to the site. With this strategy in mind, we opted for the Venture Theme, a choice based on my prior familiarity with its layout and features. With some strategic stylistic adjustments, we were able to convey our message effectively.


Although our design budget was limited, we recognized the importance of branding. We selected a new colour palette based on the existing logo’s colours. A modified logo variant was created to harmonize with the new brand colours, and we incorporated carefully chosen brand photography.

Our focus extended to the visual identity we presented on social media platforms, as this serves as the initial interaction with our brand. We adopted a “brand theme” for the photography that complements the new brand’s aesthetics and colour scheme, ensuring a coherent presence across channels.


We invested in enhancing our product images, using image editing to make them more vibrant and engaging. Multiple variations of product images were created to showcase the product’s versatility.


Fortunately, when we initially designed these product pages for Orion Fire, we had already invested in developing comprehensive supporting text content. We updated some of the older technical documents and restructured the text to fit seamlessly into the new layout.


With the creation of these new brand assets, we seamlessly integrated them into the live mockup of our website. Since we were already well-acquainted with this theme and the brand identity, we were able to bypass the Photoshop mockup phase and proceed directly to the live mockup.

After fine-tuning some minor textual adjustments, we were prepared to launch our website, just in time for the peak fire season. Please explore our website by following the links below.



Kelsey created a much improved site for our products and on line selling. She supervised our project from start to finish
with great ideas and follow through. We are so pleased with the final product and with any following questions and details we had. Highly recommend her creative insight and coordinative abilities.

General Sales Manager – Orion Fire & Novacool Canada

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