My name is Kelsey Grant, I run a design company based in Vancouver B.C.

In 2008 I starts as a Graphic Designer, in 2013 I graduated from TWD3. In 2015 I started my own web Development and Design company focused on helping small business owners build their websites and brands.

Right now I’ve reached a point in my business where I’m becoming too busy to manage my client’s maintenance work and work on new projects. I’m looking to hire a Juinor Designer/Developer and train them on how I run my business.
Right now I have some short-term work which is mostly small maintenance tasks. Long term I’m looking to train someone who could take over all of my monthly maintenance work. They would also be able to handle clients’ revision requests ranging from development, design and IT questions. There will also be the opportunity to help with new projects when my workload becomes too great.

Ideal candidate:
• 1 year of design and 6months+ of development experience
( A designer with some development experience wants to learn more about development )
• Wants to freelance full-time long term and is intrested in learning how to do that sustainable.
( Currently freelancing and able to respond to emails & work on projects between 9-5 )
• Interested in working with small businesses and learning the marketing aspects of website design and development

Second Ideal candidate:
• 6month+ Design and 6months+ Development experience
( Or Has a lot of design experience and minimal development experiences but is looking to learn more about development )
• Someone with a part-time or full-time job looking for a side hustle or a way to start freelancing.
( Long term goal to be a full-time freelancer )

The services I provide for my clients:
(If you have experience in any of the following its also a bonus)
Web Developer
Web Designer
Brand Design
Brand Manager
Social Media Manager
IT Support
SEO Optimization
Websites Content Writing

Short Term Requirments:
Look for help over the next 4-6 months with the maintenance of 10+ sites spanning from WordPress to Shopify sites.

Short Term Duties:
• Create Product images using liked .psd files and upload them to Shopify.
Bi-monthly & Trimonthly (2-4 hrs)
• Check WordPress and Shopify sites for deadlinks and fix them.
• Run a Website Speed Test and compare the sites to the previous test
• Checking G Suite Cloud is backups up
• Checking Instagram Plugins are working

Long Term Monthly Maintenance Duties:
• WordPress Monthly plugin and theme updates
• Installing new WordPress plugins, and making sure the transition of old websites to the newest version of WordPress is smooth.
• Exporting Shopify data and backing up to external drives
• Backing up MailerLite Assests
• Creating Social Media Graphics
• Creating Website Product images
• Google Workspace Admin management

Sound like a good fit?

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