Kelsey Grant Arts Inc. is a Design and Web Development company that started in 2016. We specialize in working with small businesses, helping them with everything from initial marketing strategy, branding, and website development to social media and inbound marketing. 

Founder and owner Kelsey Grant started as a Graphic Designer in 2008. Since then, I’ve worked in newsprint, 3D gaming, graphic design, and, finally web development and design. Over the last 15+ years of working with small businesses, I have seen what makes a business succeed and fail. You can design the most beautiful and concise website in the world, but it means nothing if you don’t have a marketing plan to get people to the website. And alternatively, you can have a great social media presence, but it can mean nothing if your website isn’t set up to handle that traffic and convert your visitors into sales. 

That is why Kelsey Grant Arts Inc. takes a holistic approach to any project. When you work with me, I will make sure there are no hurdles to prevent your business from succeeding. For every project I work on, we make sure you have a plan for everything from initial marketing strategy, branding, and website development to social media and inbound marketing. This doesn’t always mean spending large amounts of money on marketing or complicated custom websites. It can be as simple as relying on your word of mouth network to refer clients to your website and fill out your intake form. The point is that there is a plan for how your branding, website or social media is going to make your business grow. That is why you are contacting me after all; it’s not to throw money at the wall. It’s to make the most of your investment with me and grow your business. 

I love solving problems. That’s what I believe design to be at its core – seeing a problem and designing a unique way to solve it.  I do the research to understand your needs and connect your company with your market. I love what I do, and that’s why I do it. I want to share my love of my work and help you create something you can love too. Running a business is hard, but with my help, it doesn’t have to be. Contact me today; I’d love to start working with you.


Kelsey Grant Arts Inc. is an LGBTQ2+ friendly business based in Vancouver, British Columbia, on the unceded and traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples. – sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-Waututh), and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) nations.

As an artist who identifies within the LGBTQ2+ community, I deeply empathize with the challenges inherent in navigating industries that may not fully accommodate diverse identities. I strive to cultivate an inclusive environment where individuals from all backgrounds feel welcomed and empowered to thrive professionally. 

On a selfish note, I find it immensely fulfilling if I can support a marginalized individual in realizing their entrepreneurial aspirations. Witnessing their growth and success within the framework of my business is one of the many reasons I do what I do.

I am a Vancouver-based designer who has worked in the industry since 2008. I believe design to be a universal language, and it’s my passion, no matter the medium. I’ve worked in newsprint, 3D gaming, graphic design, and finally web development and design. I’ve worked with companies large and small, and I use all of this experience to help you grow your business by designing beautiful and useful websites.

I am Dyslexic and Queer, which has definitely given me a unique perspective on life and business. 

My dyslexia, while an inconvenience in my youth, I mostly see as only a benefit to my work now. My designs are message-focused.  I am always trying to articulate the message of a company in the most concise and clear way. Where some designers may rely on the expectation that the user will just read everything and perfectly understand it the first time through. I operate on the belief that you should be able to understand the message with the least amount of writing. OR whatever the customer base needs, I am accessibility focused. 

As a Queer artist, I understand that few things are set in stone. Your website will not last forever. It will need to evolve and change as your business evolves and changes. I always try to design a project with a plan for how it will expand and grow. I love coming back to a company after a few years to help it reimagine its brand or expand it to meet its new business goals.

In 2011, as the economy struggled and the video game industry in Vancouver evaporated to a third of its size, a colleague from the Video Games industry recommended a Technical web development and design course at BCIT. I have never looked back. I had already worked for a few years as a designer at companies and freelance. And learning to develop felt like I was able to give movement to my designs. It was inspiring. The more I learned about the development, the better designer I became. And already having a strong foundation in design gave me a unique perspective on development. To this day, I am still passionate about these two ever-growing fields that continue to inspire and make me better.

Good design solves a problem. A good designer knows that when a client asks for a quarter-inch drill, it’s so they can make a quarter inch hole. Or more pointedly, when a client asks for a logo they don’t just want an image to go on their business card. They want the representation of their company illustrated in a way that helps them stand out from their competition, articulate their vision, and stay in the minds of their customers. 

Your job is to run your business; my job is to assess your problems and design flexible solutions to make your business run smoother. Whether that means updating your logo so it imprints in the minds of your customers or streamlining the look and functionality of your website, I’m always working to make sure your investment with me will help you grow your business.

Or are you just a design loving robot?

As cool as being a robot would be, I am in fact human and have normal human interests. I try to watch the sunset whenever I can, generally by walking, biking or running the Vancouver Seawall. When it rains, I read comics and graphic novels, play video games and binge-watch fantasy shows. In the Winter, I play soccer and try to get to yoga once a week.

I’m also really into the adult colour book trend, but no surprise there.