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How I can help

Communicating your company’s message and goals to the public is hard. As a designer and web developer with ten years of experience, I can solve that problem by providing flexible solutions for all of your marketing, branding and web needs.

How I can help

Communicating your company’s message and goals to the public is hard. As a designer and web developer with ten years of experience, I can solve that problem by providing flexible solutions for all of your marketing, branding and web needs.


  • Over the past decade, I have had the pleasure to work with Kelsey and her various team members on a few different projects. The first was working on marketing strategies where we identified how we wanted to expand, develop and focus future efforts. This then led into building an online Shopify platform to further simplify and showcase our products. Most recently I asked Kelsey and her team to help re-brand and split my company into two separate entities to tackle a wider range of products. We utilized the Iron Ash Sales Inc. corporate platform to create which focuses on wood stoves and other thermal orientated products as well as created to develop the hard skills I have curated over the past 15 years as a mining engineer and generalist. The timing could not have been better to utilize the awkward downtime of Covid to make all of this happen remotely. I really couldn’t ask for a better person to work with on any project let alone the complex world of web development and ecommerce. I look forward to the next project Kelsey and I can work on to take the Iron Ash brand to the next level!
    Erik Beck Owner (Iron Ash Sales Inc.)
  • We take a lot of pride in our attention to detail so when it came time to design a logo we knew we needed someone who worked well with us. @kgrantarts did an amazing job and was really easy to work with!
    Andrew Gowan Co-Owner – Cypher Custom Builds
  • Working with Kelsey was an absolute pleasure. Her impeccable eye for detail and expertise made for a fun and enjoyable experience. Our new website is more convenient, organized, user-friendly, and, most importantly, it connects us to our community. Kelsey consistently communicated to ensure the site stayed true to our vision and offered valuable feedback and guidance. Thank you so much for bringing our site new life!
    Daniel Larsen CEO (Culture Craft Kombucha)
  • Kelsey contacted me about a new website, a much-needed new website for my bakery. I knew I wanted to upgrade our website for an easier way for online ordering, but I really had no idea what we needed to do or how to go about it. Kelsey had great ideas and made me realize that this was something I needed. Someone who specializes in website development to take on, as I am definitely not tech savvy. There were so many variables with the new site, taxed or no taxed items, limited numbers available for order, many different dietary restrictions to put in place, items available only seasonally etc. Kelsey kept her cool throughout the process and came up with perfect solutions to all the issues with a menu that has so many variables. I love the new website! It is so much more than I imagined it could be. Very grateful to Kelsey for the amazing job she did and continues to do for Lemonade.
    Tracy Kadonoff Owner (Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery)
  • It was a pleasure to work with Kelsey on our non-profit’s website redesign project. Our new site is much more accessible, organised, and user friendly thanks to her expertise – with an updated sitemap, layout, and look, along with new graphic assets she created for us along the way. With such a big project, it was wonderful how Kelsey was consistently communicating and actively listening to our feedback. She took time to understand our organisation and connect with us, which really shows in the final result. Thank you so much for helping us bring our vision to life!
    Jacob Huang Communications (Parent Support Services Society of BC)
  • We greatly enjoyed working with Kelsey on a refresh to the CityStudio Vancouver website. With a limited budget, she was able to meet our greatest needs in a timely and professional manner. Her keen eye for design helped us utilize our current theme to its fullest potential. With her help, she left us with the best version our website could be without a whole re-design, and identified areas to keep an eye on for when we were ready to take the next step with our website.
    Renée Smith Communication and Engagement Coordinator (CityStudio Vancouver Society)
  • We had been growing our business slowly up to a point through word of mouth and by doing a lot of ground work traveing to races and events. We really were not capitalizing on our partner relationships, athletes and engagements and ultimately we were not converting all this work into sales. We knew we needed to get online but how? The whole process of building a website that did what we needed it to do e-commerce wise and at the same time effectively communicate our culture and engaged our partners and athletes all seemed too difficult. Kelsey, made it very easy and was really good at understanding our industry, our business and what we needed the site to do. It was much less painful than we thought. Most importantly, she was able to effectively encapsulate our culture into the site and also did an awesome job on our logo and branding. Kelsey took our vision and turned it into reality.
    Paul Torriero General Manager | Quick Water Canada
  • Getting to work with small family businesses is both satisfying and simplistic.  Satisfying knowing the invoice at the end of the day goes directly to someone's livelihood and simplistic in not having to go through hoops and red tape to get a project completed on time and within budget.  This was my experience with Kelsey as Iron Ash has been working with her family's warehouse for almost a decade so it seemed fitting to get the nod from proud papa to have her solve some of our problems.  The main goal of our project was to provide an E-Commerce platform to be able to allow customers a simple process to purchase our wood stoves and accessories.  We were also able to redesign the website and subsequently refine the image of the company through logo iteration and mood boards.  Through Kelsey's connections, we had an all star female professional team to look at marketing strategy and branding.  Iron Ash continues to have excellent experiences working with Kelsey and must add the approval forms and invoicing for project engagement were very user friendly and provided excellent flow throughout the problem solving cycles.
    Erik Beck Owner | Iron Ash Thermal
  • Kelsey brought my website vision to life. Kelsey created a well thought out, detailed plan of action. As we moved forward into create mode I was not only excited but very happy every time I received an update. I found Kelsey to be very detail oriented and a great problem solver. Kelsey is great to work with and if she didn’t know the answer she’d find it. Kelsey and I have worked together for a while now and she continues to over perform. I would recommend Kelsey to anyone who has a vision that needs to be brought into this world.
    Karen Ann Davidson Lifestyle Blogger
  • Working with Kelsey has been much more than hiring a professional designer to help with the re-branding of my business, it has been truly a mind blowing immersion in a creative process. The level of details and the technicality of the overall process has been a real revelation. Kelsey pushed me to think my business from different angles and she helped me re-shaping professional goals in terms of communication strategy and branding. I now owe my very own business brand and identity.
    Giorgio Riccardi Sea to Sky Web Solutions
  • Kelsey brought my vision to life. She created a brand that not only felt timeless and authentic, but also that every single client has complimented many times over. Kelsey took the time to educate me on the logistics of running an efficient start-up. She worked within my schedule, hit every deadline, and made sure to check in with me as to how things were going for many months after her work was completed. If you’re looking for someone who can do it all and do it well then Kelsey is definitely your person. I doubt my business would still be running without her!
    Dee Stacey Sexual Health with Dee
  • Kelsey created a much-improved site for our products and online selling. She supervised our project from start to finish with great ideas and follow-through. We are so pleased with the final product and with any following questions and details we had. Highly recommend her creative insight and coordinative abilities.
    Ken Hansen General Sales Manager - Orion Fire
  • I have never met an artist that has the improbable combination of being incredibly talented, kind, and supportive while also being impeccably organized. Kelsey is an absolute delight to work with and made the branding and web design process fun and easy. I am so grateful to have been able to work with her, and I can't see myself ever going with another designer after our experience together. I'm a fan for life!

    Kyla Rose Sims Owner - Whale of a Tale Content
  • From our initial meeting to launching the complete website complete with links to social media, Kelsey’s professionalism and creativity made working with her a great experience.  She listened to our ideas, made suggestions and really took the time to get to know our business with our unique requirements and brought our vision to life.  She then came up with a plan and prepared a visual presentation of the site so we knew exactly what to expect.  After trying many other website companies, Kelsey was the only one who put together a website we are excited about!

    Doug Peel Owner - Dinosaur Cases
  • Kelsey and her team are great!  They organized our ideas and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. Customers tell us that our Logo is great.  We would recommend them to anyone!

    Steve Owner - Swell Composites
  • Our repair kit is new science, eco-friendly, and radically different than the establish market. Kelsey’s design told the story perfectly. Excellent work, thanks Kelsey

    James Stewart Owner - The Board Doctor
  • Kelsey is a dream to work with! She generously volunteered her time and expertise to help Disability Alliance design the logo for their new program and we could not be happier with her work. She took the time to understand our vision and delivered us a fantastic logo that was on-brand and on-message. Professional, talented, and exceeds timeline expectations.

    Christina Day Production Manager at The NOW Group
  • Kelsey understood our business and saw how we needed to improve it to adapt to a more digital age. Our new website and email marketing campaign have been a huge success. It has changed the way we do business saving us thousands of dollars a year in travel expenses. Not to mention the hundreds of hours in unnecessary emails we've cut down on by having a website that showcases all our products.

    Linda Cooper Customer Service Manager - Halftime