Iron Ash Shopify Website

Iron Ash Shopify Website

Iron provides a number of services related to Industrial Processes.  Founded in 2022 by Erik Beck P. Eng, a Professional Engineer with 15 years of experience. Erik Beck is a long-time client of mine and has recently transitioned from full-time to freelance work as a Professional Engineer. Iron Ash was created as a way for him to promote his freelance Engineer service as well as serve as an umbrella corporation for the many other business endeavours he has going on. Iron Ash is one of them.

Erik created his brand Iron Ash Sales Inc. on April 17, 2012. Since then, it has evolved many times to meet the company’s needs. In 2017 we built, a website to sell the Kimberly™and Katydid™wood burning stoves. In 2021 we rebranded that website and made a new logo. In 2022 we were tasked with reinventing the brand to be a Professional Engineer project management and umbrella company for all the Iron Ash Sales Inc. sub-brands.

Name branding!! Make new social media accounts and Google Business pages for Iron Ash Thermal. Transition the current Iron Ash Social media accounts away from the wood burning stove marketing to the Professional Engineer project management market. Make a new logo, brand and website for Iron Ash.


In 2021 I created this Brand Identity roughly outlining the separation of the Iron Ash Thermal and Iron Ash brands.


The most difficult part of this project was the content planning. Erik had a wide range of business offerings, and we had to walk a fine line of figuring out how best to represent all of them on one site and make them seem cohesive under one company. We started with a site map and went through many iterations before we found the best version that clearly displayed the goal of the website. From there, I made a wireframe of the websites, and Erik wrote his content based on the site map and my wireframes.


I made a quick mood board. At this point, we had a pretty clear idea of what the branding would look like, but I wanted to expand the colour pallet a bit which was the point of this quick mockup


We made the website in Shopify because Erik was already familiar with the platform with this website and because wanted to have the flexibility to sell some products online when applicable. We also created the branding for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Erik’s CV.


This is a snapshot of some new assets we created for the Iron brand.




Over the past decade, I have had the pleasure to work with Kelsey and her various team members on a few different projects.  The first was working on marketing strategies where we identified how we wanted to expand, develop and focus future efforts.  This then led into building an online Shopify platform to further simplify and showcase our products.  Most recently I asked Kelsey and her team to help re-brand and split my company into two separate entities to tackle a wider range of products.  We utilized the Iron Ash Sales Inc. corporate platform to create which focuses on wood stoves and other thermal orientated products as well as created to develop the hard skills I have curated over the past 15 years as a mining engineer and generalist.  The timing could not have been better to utilize the awkward downtime of Covid to make all of this happen remotely.  I really couldn’t ask for a better person to work with on any project let alone the complex world of web development and ecommerce.  I look forward to the next project Kelsey and I can work on to take the Iron Ash brand to the next level!

Owner – Iron Ash Sales Inc.

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