This page is a combination of design terms, and services I provide, describes in greater detail. Click on a title to view more information on that topic. If you have any further questions about anything you see here do not hesitate to reach out.



To start the design process, we will present you with (1) versions of a design. You will have a minimum of (2) revisions for the chosen design. You are welcome to continue revisions after this point billed at our hourly rate. We always try to be flexible in the revision process so you are completely satisfied with your designs before moving forward into the next phase.


Theme is the branding applied to a design. Meaning colour, styles, typography etc.. Below we see a website mockup in one theme and next to it the same websiite in a different theme.



A version is one design file in one theme. If more themes are required for a design file, it is considered an additional version. Each logo below is a different version.



Each time we make any changes to a document or image we have presented to you, is it considered a revision.


Image Types

Raster Graphics

Raster graphics are made of pixels. When a raster image is scaled to be very large, or very small, it becomes “blocky” or “pixelated” because each pixel increases in size as the image is made larger.

Vector Graphics

Vector Graphics are high-quality, scalable graphics. Because vector graphics are not made of pixels, the images can be scaled to be very large or very small without losing quality.

File Colour Types


CMYK refers to the four inks used in some color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black).


RGB (red, green, and blue) refers to a system of colour representation to be used on a computer or mobile device display.

File Types


The .ai filename extension is used by Adobe Illustrator for representing single-page vector-based drawings.


A raster-based web and print file format for images. JPGs have no transparency and can be saved in RGB or CMYK colour formats.


PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a vector based file format that provides an electronic image of text or text and graphics that looks like a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted.


A raster based web based file format for images. Unlike JPGs, PNGs allow a file to have transparency. PNGs can only be in RGB colours.


A raster based print file format for images. Unlike JPGs, TIFFs allow a file to have transparency and can be saved in RGB or CMYK colour formats.


A favicon is the image that will appear often in the top left corner of your web or mobile browser tab. Also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon or bookmark icon.  Its file is named favicon.ico and it contains one or more small icons, most commonly 16×16 pixels, associated with a particular website or webpage.



Business Organization

Before we start to work on anything, we need to make sure your business is organized to optimize the efficiency of the project.

For example,
Your Business Name is Cathy's Super Cute Cat Corner Cafe
Your email is
Your website is

Before we start designing logos or email signatures, we want to make sure your Name Branding matches. So you might go from Cathy's Super Cute Cat Corner Cafe to something like:

Cathy's Cat Cafe

In this process, we might need to buy new domains, set up a business email and set up a password management tool. Once all these things are set up, we can share files with you more easily and create a workflow that will lead us to efficient use of our time together.


  • Finalize Name Branding
  • Email Organization – Google Workspace
  • Password Organization – LastPass
  • File Organization – Google Drive


  • Name Branding
  • Google Workspace Account
  • LastPass Account
  • Website Hosting Domain setup
  • Social Media accounts setup
  • Google Drive setup

Tactical Marketing Plan Outline

Once your website is built, you need to make sure you are driving traffic to it. In order for people to find your business and website, you need a good marketing plan.

The Tactical Marketing Plan Outline defines marketing objectives and marketing suggestions for your business for up to one year. This plan will help your brand authority and visibility, it will help you generate traffic, it will help you engage potential leads or customers, and it will help you sell your product or services.

Below is an outline of some of the items included in the outline.

  • Prospect Engagement Strategies – Options for 3,6,9 or 12 months
    • Content Download
    • 4 Blog Post Ideas – with titles
  • Email Marketing Calendar – Options for 3,6,9 or 12 months
    • Email Sales Funnels
    • Leadpages
    • Monthly Newsletters
    • Contest & Giveaways
    • Seasonal emails
  • Blog Calendar – Options for 3,6,9 or 12 months
    • Post
    • Contest & Giveaways
    • Seasonal posts
  • Social Media Calendar -Options for 3,6,9 or 12 months
    • Post
    • Contest & Giveaways
    • Seasonal posts
  • (optional) Video Marketing Brainstorm
  • (optional) Photography plan
  • (optional) Name Branding Ideas


The first priority for any project is establishing the scope. Depending on your project we will provide you with a Project Specification Form that is to be filled out with all your project specifications and details. This form will ensure that we have all the details we need to complete your project efficiently and on par with your vision, from the design phase to final product.

Project Planning & Research

Research begins with you filling out the client form document. From there, we will research your company, your marketing, and your clientele, and come up with the best project solution.

Detailed Timeline

A detailed Google Sheet with project timelines and due dates.

Style Analysis

Analysis is the first step in getting a sense of what your new company branding will evolve into. This process involves and 1-hour meeting in which we will present you (6) different brands, and/or logos, and ask you to talk about them. We will discuss which styles and colours do you like and dislike.Based on the information we gather from you in this meeting we will create a mood board.

Style Analysis

Mood Boards

A mood board is a combination of colours and images that represent the feel you want for your design. This is the first step to discovering the message and tone you want to convey with your design. This is an essential tool for those who are unsure about what they want or where to start, as well as a helpful tool to clarify the vision of those who have more of a sense of what they are looking for. This step is a cost effective way to save time in the mock-up phase.

Mood Board

Content Strategy

Together we will develop a content strategy for your project. We then pass your vision and messaging on to our talented team of editors and copywriters who will restructure the content and make sure it is consistent, clear, and is focused on your target market. At the end of Phase One all content for this project will be approved and ready to put on your website.

Content Creation

This is the process in which our writers will take what we have learned about you, your brand, your industry, and your target market to create engaging and informative content for your project. This encompasses everything from the copy on your homepage to headings and tabs for each page. This process also involves deciding how content should be displayed on your website for the best user experience, readability, and impact.

Content Revision

We will provide you with all the content for your project in a text document for your approval.  You will have the opportunity to make one (1) round of changes or comments. Any changes made to the document provided by our writers is considered a revision.  Any revisions after the first round of changes will be billed at our hourly rate.

Final approved text document

When you have approved the final content for your project, you will be provided with a final text document that includes all the content for your website. This is useful to keep for any future marketing projects, as well as for any future changes to your business or brand. Please store this file in a safe place should something happen to your site, we are not required to keep this text document on file.

Basic Content Strategy

Information Architecture

To create an Information Architecture, we will first create a sitemap/inventory of your current website pages and content. We will then audit the content of your site, and decide what should be carried forward or added to the new site. For example, do you need an about page and a company culture page, or can we combine them into one page? The last step is to create a new sitemap based on the content audit and use it as a roadmap for building your new site.

Site Map / Inventory of current site

We create a written  outline documenting every page of your website and all page links. We document all the content on your website.

Content Audit & Planning

Based on our notes from the site map we review your content and see what should be carried forward to the new site and what should be removed. We also outline what type of content will continue to be added to your website and how those additions will take shape over time.

New Site Map

A written document showing all the pages of your new website and where every page link will lead to. This document is a road map for designers and developers throughout the entire project.


Based on your website’s Information Architecture, wireframe templates will be created for each page of your new website. We will show you (1) version of the wireframes. We quote our projects with a minimum of (2) revisions for the chosen wireframes. Additional revisions will be billed hourly. We are very flexible during the revision process to ensure you are completely satisfied with your wireframes before moving into the next design phase.

Wireframes are used to quickly show a breakdown for how your content will be placed on each page of the website. Wireframes are used by our designers and developers as a roadmap for designing your mockups and building your website.

User Experience (UX)

We recommend UX Design if a website has a difficult workflow that is important your customer conversion. For example, Google Analytics has shown you that many people are adding items to their cart but aren’t purchasing them. Let us review your website’s UX workflow and recommend an alternate layout, functionality, or content to increase your conversion rates.

Logo Creation

Every logo design starts with a design questionnaire. Based on your answers, we will present you with (6) different logos and ask you to talk about what you do and do not like about each logo. If necessary, we may also create a logo mood board to make sure we have a clear idea of the message and feeling you want your logo to convey.

Logo Favicon – 300px to 16px PNG

This file will be used on your website by your web developer. You won’t need to do anything with this file

Colour, Black, White – RGB Ai

This is a vector RGB file that you will not be able to view on your computer. It is the final cleaned up vector file of your logo. It is the master version of your logo, keep this file in a very safe place. This is the most important logo file. Should you ever lose all other files pertaining to your logo, we can use this file to recreate all the other files. RGB files are used for web applications.

Colour, Black, White – RGB PDF

This is a vector RGB file that you can view on your computer. Use it as a reference of your logo branding and colours. You can also send this file to any designer who requires a vector file format.

Colour RGB 500×500 PNG

This is a raster RGB 500×500 pixel image that you can view on your computer. Use this image on your website or social media accounts.

Colour, Black, White – CMYK Ai

This is a vector CMYK file that you will not be able to view on your computer. It is the final cleaned up vector file of your logo. It is the master version of your logo, keep this file in a very safe place. This is the most important logo file. Should you ever lose all other files pertaining to your logo, we can use this file to recreate all the other files. CMYK files are used for print applications.

Colour, Black, White – CMYK PDF

This is a vector CMYK file that you can view on your computer. Use it as a reference for your logo branding and colours. You can also send this file to any printer or designer who requires a vector file format.

Logo Variations

If you require alternate layouts or multiple colour variations to your new logo beyond the primary logo colour, and black and white, this is considered a logo variation.. The example below shows a logo that has both a vertical and horizontal layout, these are considered logo variations.

Logo Variations

Style Guide

A style guide is a document that includes all of your brand fonts, colours, and graphic assets with a breakdown of when and how to use these branded assets. This option is great for companies and organizations that will be working with many different designers, printers, or developers. If you have people that work on your brand outside of your organization, your will need a style guide to avoid diluting and disjointing your brand.

Identity Branding

Identity branding is a visual document that applies your logo, with some basic branding, across a range of mediums like stationary, desktop, and mobile websites,or products. Identity branding is not a style guide, nor does it create a ready-to-print style, but it is a cost effective way to visualize your brand before creating the style guide while seeing what it could look on a variety of different platforms.

Identity Branding

Logo Usage Style Guide

This guide outlines how and when you should use your logo and in what colours. It also outlines how not to use your logo.

Identity Branding

Typography Guide

A list of your brand fonts with typography examples.

Logo Variations

Brand Colour Guide

A list of your brand colours with their RGB and CMYK values.

Brand Colour Guide

Brand Assets List

A list of the brand assets you have at your disposal, for example, a logo, brand pattern, brand photography, brand iconography etc..

Brand Assests List

Style Guide PDF

A compilation of all above guides in a PDF format.

Style Guide PDF

Website Design

We design all our websites to be responsive and flexible for future content expansion. When creating your mockups, we will use your current branding and update it where needed to ensure we establish brand consistency across multiple platforms. We know design is an evolutionary process, which is why we pride ourselves on guiding our clients through the design process. Our first priority is always to help you create your vision and we will work tirelessly to make that happen.

To start the design process, we will pick (3) pages from your site to develop mockups for. We will then present you with (1) version of a mockup for your website. You get a minimum of (2) revisions. You are welcome to make any revisions after that point however they will be billed at our hourly rate. We always try to be flexible in the revision process so you are completely satisfied with your designs before moving forward into the development phase.

Concept Board with design functionality notes

These are notes to the developers about functionality designed on the website. Along with keeping open lines of communication between our designers and developers we’ve found this is the best way to make sure minor details are not lost in the transition from design to development.

Export and organize image assets

All of the assets needed for a developer to create a website from the mockups will be exported and organized for easy use.

Responsive Mockup Creation

Once a website mockup design has been approved, we will then create mockups for the other responsive sizes, ie. mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Responsive Wireframes

Once responsive mockups are approved, we will create wireframes of all the other pages that do not have mockups. These wireframes are guides for the developers to make sure they style your website to the responsive standards of your new site.

Web Site Mockups

Website Style Guide

A design guide for developers when they build a website.

Typography examples

List of your website fonts, with typography examples using H1, H2, p etc..

Web Style Guide Typography

Hex Colour List

List of your website colours in RGB and HEX values.

Button Style Examples

Examples of the button hierarchy, use cases and hover states.

Formatting examples

Template examples used on your website. For instance, 1 or 1 column layouts on the home page. etc..

Web Style Guide Typography

Live Mockup

A live mockup is a live version of your redesigned website, except hidden from the public.The live mockup is used to show you what your website will look and function like on the web, without releasing it publically.

Live mockups are great for looking at the design and text while getting a feel for your new site. It allows you to see the progress on your website and see it all come together.

Live mockups may not have all the final content, images or colours that we are going to use on your website, but it can give us a good idea of what direction we are going in and help us decide if we want to make any changes before we commit to a particular design element.

Website Development

In Phase Three (the Development Phase), we will build your website based on the finalized design approved in Phase Two (the Design Phase). At this point, there will be no major design or structural changes. All of our websites are built on WordPress. We work with this Content Management System because it gives our clients flexibility when it comes to maintaining and updating their websites in the future. All of our websites are also built to be responsive and cross-browser compatible. We build these websites using a child theme for maximum flexibility at an affordable price.

Contact Form

Contact forms are a great way to collect contact information from your site visitors while also preventing email scammers/hackers from contacting you through your website.

Up to (10) Pages

This means 10 unique page templates. For example, each blog post is included in just one template so even if you have 100 blog posts they are all considered included in one template. If your site has a lot of unique text pages that each requires custom functionality you might be outside of the 10 page template limit.

Linking to Social Media Accounts

We will link your social media accounts to your new website so users can access all your accounts directly from your new website.

Responsive style with Three breakpoints

Responsive website are the way of the future. Without a responsive site, you are losing and impeding viewership on mobile and tablet devices. Providing three responsive breakpoints means we make sure that your website will look awesome on mobile(1), tablet(2), and desktop(3).

WordPress Platform

WordPress Platform is a CMS(Content Management System) developers use to build a user-friendly website for both frontend and backend users. The benefit of building your site with WordPress is that you have the capability of updating and changing content on your own, without requiring a developer to update content.

Custom Website Development

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing helps you get your ideal customer to your website and then sell them your services or product.

Once you have a tactical marketing plan, our inbound marketing services can help you execute that plan to generate leads for your business.

Below is an outline of some inbound marketing services we offer:

  • Tactical Marketing Plan Implementation
    • Building and executing the items in the Tactical Marketing Plan. Items like Sales Funnels, Leadpages, Content Offers, Monthly Newsletters etc…
  • Monthly Marketing Analysis Report
    • Website Maintenance overview
    • Marketing Data Analysis
    • Monthly call to review the report and make a plan for next month
  • Data Analysis Reports
    • Google Analytics
    • Social Media Analytics
    • Ad Analytics/Reports
    • Email funnel reports

Website Testing & QA

Your website will be tested on current versions of major web browsers including those made by Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Internet Explorer), Mozilla Firefox and those on Android and iOS devices. We will not test your website on other, older browsers unless specified. If you need an enhanced design for an older browser, we are happy to provide a separate estimate upon request.

Please note that your website will be launched as soon as we have received your final payment and your account for this project is paid in full.

Anti-Hacking Protection

We take steps to prevent your website from being hacked to the best of our abilities. We do this by making a website backup saved in a secure location so that we can restore your site should it ever go down.

Cross Browser and Devices Testing

Cross browser and devices testing is the process of reviewing and comparing website functionality and styles across multiple browser platforms, operating systems, and mobile devices to uncover any potential discrepancies and fix them.

Google Analytics Implement

After your website is launched, we ensure your website’s visibility by submitting it to Google and Bing search engines. Kelsey Grant Arts, Inc. will also create a Google Analytics account to track your website traffic. If you would like us to monitor your Google Analytics account we can provide a separate estimate.


At Kelsey Grant Arts, Inc. we do not provide domain, website or email hosting. We can recommend hosting companies and help you set up or migrate your site to a new hosting platform if requested. Your company is also welcome to continue to use your current hosting provider. Should your host run into technical difficulties, please note we may recommend that you change your hosting provider in order to ensure the best user experience for you and the visitors to your site.

SEO Keywords Implement & Webmaster Tool

Though your new website will be built for maximum compatibility with search engines like Google and Bing, we advise Search Engine Optimization to fine-tune content and site structure for better search exposure. SEO increases your website’s visibility on the internet and will allow potential customers, target clients, and other visitors to find your site quickly and efficiently. Keywords will be incorporated into your website text based on the content and intention for each individual page. This proposal and estimate does not include detailed client base research or any other market research; we are happy to provide you with a separate estimate for these services should you request them.

Website Backups

We will set up a monthly backup service for your website once development is complete. The website backup file should be stored on a Cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox so both Kelsey Grant Arts, Inc. and your company have easy access to the files should we need to restore from backup. Kelsey Grant Arts, Inc. is not required to keep a copy and is not responsible for lost or corrupt files.

Website Launch

Make your website ‘live’ so the public can view your website and Google and other search engines can start indexing your website in their searches. This is the final step in the web development phase, after this, your website is considered complete!

Website Migration

Transferring your website from the development environment to your live hosting.

Website Maintenance

Monthly Website Maintenance includes the following:

  • Monthly Website backups  to dropbox for easy access, should something go wrong with you site.
  • WordPress core theme updates to ensure security and performance.
  • Plugin updates for security, bug fixes, SEO and performance.
  • Hacking/Intrusion monitoring.

Updates will take place during the first week of each month. You will receive a confirmation message and report of what has been updated.

Social Media Maintenance

Monthly Social Media Maintenance includes a combination of the following:

Content Strategy Marketing

A cohesive and well thought out content strategy is a great tool to help accomplish a variety of business goals like positioning your brand as an authority, creating brand awareness, educating potential customers and clients about your services and products, creating an audience and following, providing great customer service, developing products your clients really want and need, and more! Content is a buzzword for any information your company is sharing with consumers on a variety of platforms, including blogging, articles, guest posting, and social media posting. Our content strategist will help you build a plan specific to your unique business goals, and can assist you in implementing your plan and using analytics to measure your success. You will be provided with an excel sheet that spells out your exact content strategy. This spreadsheet can be used to tweak and measure your strategy in the future.

Social Media Posting

Every business should be on social media – but not every business has the budget for a full-time social media manager. Our social media experts can create a social media strategy and posting schedule to help you increase your audience and brand visibility, or even manage your accounts for you.

Social Media Training & Consulting

The best social media content comes from inside a business, that is why we offer hourly one-on-one social media training for any employee or staff member you would like to take over your social media strategy and monitoring. Our specialists will teach them how to develop and implement a content and social media strategy, how to measure ROI and analytics, as well as educate them on social media best practices. This is a sustainable solution for a growing business with staff who would like to take on more responsibility and grow with the business.

Email Marketing

Your loyal customers want to know about new products, promotions, and events. Manage customer retention by keeping in touch with email marketing and newsletters with MailChimp. Our email marketing specialists can create branded email campaigns that keep your customers and subscribers in-the-loop and help you measure open rates and conversions in order to tweak and improve your email marketing strategy.

Google Business & Analytic monitoring

What dose all the social media posting mean? See the data first hand with monthly Google Business & Analytic monitoring and tracking

Email Signature

An e-mail signature is a block of text that is appended to the end of an e-mail message you send. We will design your signature with best web practices in mind. We can also create a company-wide template that can be used and updated to work for any of your company’s employees.

HTML Signature Design

Completed email signatures are provided in a .html file format. To use, simply drag the file into any browser and copy and paste the signature into your mail client’s signature settings.

HTML Signature Template

Completed email signature templates are provided in a .html file format. If you chose to have a template created we will provide you with detailed instructions about how to update and use this template with your mail client.

HTML email signature

Graphic Design

Social Media Graphic Creation

Your website branding is important, but social media branding is your face in the digital marketplace and can also be extremely important. Your social media presence is often the catalyst that will drive users to your website. Making sure your social media profile pictures and banners are up to date is essential to creating a cohesive brand.

Social Media Graphic Creation

Brochure Design

The goal of a brochure is to be informative. By using a ‘content first’ approach, we make sure that the message of your brochure is supported by the design. From there we can get creative with stocks, materials, and printing techniques to make your brochures engaging and informative.

Brochure Design

Business Card Design

We can provide you with a variety of business card design styles and stock types so that you can choose what style and stock you would like to start with, to begin the design process.

Business Card Design

Clothing Embroidery Design

Do you need your logo placed on a t-shirt or hat? You’ll need a mockup of sizing, placement, and thread colour. We can help you create the necessary vector documents for a printer.

Clothing Embroidery Design

Clothing T-shirt Vector Design

We can create a vector based designs that can be scaled to any size and placed on any clothing or merchandise.

Print and Web Ad Design

We can design print ads for any size, audience, and publication type.

Print and Web Ad Design

Promotional Banner Design

Looking for a pop-up banner for a tradeshow or conference? We can design eye-catching, branded banners for any kind of event. We can also source a printer for you so your custom designed banner is printed, and delivered right to your door – hassle free.

Promotional Banner Design

Promotional Trade Show Booth Design

The secret to trade show success is to make sure your booth is approachable, eye-catching and professional. We can design booths for any event, purpose or industry. We can also source a printer so creating your custom booth is hassle free. Stationery Templates, Envelopes, Folders, PowerPoint Templates, Microsoft Word Templates etc…

Trades show both design

Stationery Templates, Envelopes, Folders

Need a new letterhead, or powerpoint templates? Let me help you organize the future creation of your content with some well designed content templates.

Stationery Templates, Envelopes, Folders

Vector Art Creation

Have a unique project that needs vector artwork? Try me out, we are always up for a challenge.

Vector Art Creation

Vector Icon Creation

Whether you need icons, an app, or want to create uniquely branded social media icons we can create simple vector icons in any style and for any platform.

Vector Icon Creation

File Transfers

We will provide you with print or web ready files, as well as the original working files upon the completion of each project. You should always keep a copy of your working, print or web ready files in a secure, backed up location as Kelsey Grant Arts Inc. is not required to keep a copy, and is not responsible for lost or corrupt files.

HTML files

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. These are web ready files used to build every website and web application. They can be edited by opening them in any text editor or viewed by dragging them into any browser.

Indesign File Package

An Indesign File Package is a .zip file that contains all the links, fonts, and working documents for an Indesign project file. You can use this file with other designers or with myself in the future when you want to make updates to the completed Indesign project.

Print Ready PDF

A print ready PDF means all the colours are converted to print ready colours, all text is converted to outlines, all beals and crop marks are in place, and the file can be sent to the printer.

Posting to the Web

Posting to the web means that your project version goes live on the web and can be accessed and viewed online. Once a final version has been approved it can be posted to the web that very same day.

Sending to Print

At Kelsey Grant Arts, Inc.  we recommend getting a Digital or Print Proof for every print project. If you are printing anything in large quantities (over 1000) we highly recommend getting a Print Proof. Please be advised that ordering a Digital or Print Proof will often add an additional week to the quoted print turnaround time. This additional time is used to receive the proof from the printers and make any necessary changes before the project is finalized and approved.

Web Ready Files

Files that are in RGB colours and in a web friendly format like, JPGs, PNG, PDF,  HTML etc…

Working Files

The raw files we use to design your project. In most cases, you will not be able to open the working files on your computer. Working files are for designers and developers to manipulate. That is why we send all our clients a collection of print and web ready files that they can use for their completed project.