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Halftime Holdings is a Canadian, family-owned and operated wholesale supplier of promotional, sport, and industrial products. Their extensive combined experience in business and their commitment to providing the best customer service in the industry makes them the first choice for major retailers, professional sports licensees, and promotional product agencies. They represent the highest quality Canadian and International manufacturers available and pride themselves on applying their expertise in the industry to meet a customer’s specific needs.

Halftime Holdings had outgrown their old site. We built them a WordPress site in 2015 with the purpose of being an online phone book for their customers to gain contact information for their suppliers. Now they needed a more robust website that would allow them to showcase some of the flyers they receive from their suppliers. They also were running into the issue of needing to optimize more of their business for the digital world. Meaning upgrading their email marketing and digital content organization.

Build them a Shopify site. With Shopify, we could treat each flyer like a product allowing us to use Shopify’s powerful organization tools to tag and group flyers for easy browsing. A problem Halftime heard from a lot of their customers was that they received too many flyer emails from suppliers and eventually they just stopped reading any flyer emails. Halftime wanted to update their email marketing so they could be the one-stop-shop for their customers. One email with all the info they needed. Halftime created detailed lists to target individual customers with relevant email content. Each email linked to Halftimes new website which allowed customers to view other flyers if they had the time.


Below is the old 3 page Halftime websites. We picked this website apart, and talk at great lengths about worked and what our wishlist was for the new website. For example, we need a better way to link to Flyers from one supplier seen in the highlighted section below.


Halftime had a unique problem of receiving flyers from multiple suppliers with different brands and colours. We wanted a way that no matter the content of a flyer it would look like it belongs on their website and was something customer wanted to click on. We came up with these product templates. No matter the flyer we could drop it into the template allowing any product to look like it belonged on the site while still keeping its unique branding.


We expanded their original site from 3 simple pages to a multi-page website that was updated weekly. A few of the great new additions were the individual product pages which allowed us to link to high-quality PDF downloads of each flyer. It also gave us greater control over organizing the flyers. We can now easily link to flyers from the same supplier or category from the product page.



Kelsey understood our business and saw how we needed to improve it to adapt to a more digital age. Our new website and email marketing campaign have been a huge success. It has changed the way we do business saving us thousands of dollars a year in travel expenses. Not to mention the hundreds of hours in unnecessary emails we’ve cut down on by having a website that showcases all our products.

Owner – Halftime Holdings

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