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Whale of a Tale Content – WordPress Site

Kyla Rose Sims is a freelance content writer based in Montreal, Canada. She writes content and copy for blogs, social media, and websites. After launching her freelance career a few months prior, it was time to launch her company and new brand.

Kyla needed a website to show off her abilities as a writer. We liked the idea of treating the home page like it was a one-page website. All her important info should be on the home page with links to find out more detailed info and to read the blog.

Kyla knew she wanted the colour pallet to include green and purple, with the textile feeling of reading a book. Kyla provides services for all aspects of writing. Impractical she wanted to promote her book writing servicer. The solution, create a website that bridges the gap between print and web. Coming from a background in print design I had a lot of fun with this project. Designing assets that would have been a nightmare to print but look great on the web! Gradients with white text! It was a blast to design with the full power of the web. And pay homage to some classic print layouts within her blog.





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