Dinosaur Cases WordPress Refresh

Dinosaur Cases WordPress Refresh

Dinosaur Cases has over 30 years of experience specializing in custom case creation. They are known worldwide for their case refits, case parts and custom case fabrications. Based out of Vancouver B.C. they build a wide range of products to meet the needs of every industry including Aerospace, Film and Television, Military, Medical, Music, and Tech Industries.

Dinosaur Cases’ old site was built with a page builder that did not work well with the new WordPress Gutenberg. The old site was 4 years old, and in that time, we had also learned what site functionality was useful want what was causing more maintenance problems than help. The page builder and custom fields was making it challenging to edit content. And the form plugin seemed to break every other month.

Rebuild the website with the new Gutenberg builder. Remove unneeded pages and plugins and streamline the user workflows of the website. In short, cut the fat and keep the meat.



Dinosaur Cases had a showcase page that was dedicated to showing off new case designs. Instead of keeping that page separate, we integrated it into the custom case page. The idea being now you can find all the info about custom cases on one page. Dinosaur cases also offers the ability to buy used custom cases or new Nanuk cases and have them customized. So we wanted to highlight this new service throughout the website.




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