Hansen Cho Sqaurespace

Hansen Cho Sqaurespace

Hansen Cho LLP offers customized accounting and taxation solutions to businesses and individuals based on their specific needs. They understand that taking control of accounting and taxation needs in our day-to-day lives can be a challenge and that is why they are dedicated to helping their clients streamline their financial processes with their experience and expertise. 

My account Ken Cho had recently formed a new company with his business partner Michael Hansen. They need a website that was simple and would show their new branding and join the venture together. They have already created a logo, business card and letterhead branding. Now they need to expand that out to create a website. 

Squarespace is the perfect solution for their brochures style site. Easy to maintained and edit and offered just enough customizability to stretch their brand into the digital world. I used custom code in their profiles and contact us sections to match the typography styles established on their business card and letterhead. We also made a custom filter and applied it to all the images on their website to give them a unified look and feel.  


We knew the design for this site would be simple. We had a style guide to work with from the logo designer. Ken filled out the intake form and we had another meeting to decide on some final functionality notes. After which Ken’s team provided me with a text outline. With those 3 items, I made a live mockup in Squarespace with the branding placeholder images and text. After that it was only a few minor text edits and image changes before we had a completed website. 



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