Culture Craft Shopify Website

Culture Craft Shopify Website

Culture Craft Kombucha was founded in 2015 by North Vancouver entrepreneur and chef Dan Larsen, who decided to turn his attention from a 15-year grind in the back of house at renowned restaurants like La Quercia, Café Medina, Sonora Resort and Bishop’s and combine his relationships with local farmers and purveyors and his passion for food and drink into building his own boutique brand of kombucha. Culture Craft Kombucha supports local farmers and sustainable food systems.

Culture Craft Kombucha had a Squarespace website that was no longer meeting their needs. There was no option to order online, and some of the branding was off. They were redesigning their labels, and now was a perfect time to make a new online ordering website.

Make a new website on the Shopify platform so it will be mobile-friendly and allow for online orders. Update the company branding, and take new product photos of everything they offer.


The old website had a very long home page. Despite them having a small menu for an average online ordering site (10 flavours ). The long home page made it very difficult to know what products they had. One of the main focuses of the new website would be to make the home page easy to use and display all of their product offerings.


Like with any project, we analyzed their competitors and reviewed the functionality of multiple Shopify themes to pick the best features to use on our website.


Once we had a theme picked, the design of the websites fell into place quickly. The most difficult part was picking a brand accent colour that would look good with the rainbow of product images.


Most aspects of this project were simple. The number of products was relatively small, and the checkout process was simple. But I knew that thing that would really make this website pop was the product images. The label designer came up with this wonderful idea of a rainbow of product labels so when you had the products on display in a store, it would make a rainbow. I wanted to make sure that everything we did on the website also displayed this awesome label design. Luckily we had amazing product photographers Devan Francis and Camilla Hrytzak of Friday Eve Photo who supplied us with outstanding photos. My job was to photoshop and tweak the brand photography and final label files, so they all flowed together perfectly on the websites. I also made sure to pick brand photography that would match the vibrant vibe of the bottle images.




Working with Kelsey was an absolute pleasure. Her impeccable eye for detail and expertise made for a fun and enjoyable experience. Our new website is more convenient, organized, user-friendly, and, most importantly, it connects us to our community. Kelsey consistently communicated to ensure the site stayed true to our vision and offered valuable feedback and guidance. Thank you so much for bringing our site new life!

CEO (Culture Craft Kombucha)

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