WE Union Travel Website Design

WE Union Travel Website Design

WE Union Travel is a Canadian-owned and operated, unionized company since 1971. Their focus and commitment are to Canada’s trade unions. With offices in Ottawa and Vancouver, they service the entire country, providing professional, unionized services. They aim to maximize a union’s travel dollar, offer savings through collective purchasing power, and provide comprehensive reporting.

The old site was outdated and no longer a useful tool for the company or its clients. Their branding also made them look dated and out of touch. They needed a new website and brand to instill confidence in their clients as a modern and trustworthy travel company.

A new branding strategy was implemented, including a logo refresh and a new website that effectively linked to all the important features the company wanted to promote.


The process started with a Mood Board to identify new color palettes and design styles that we liked and didn’t like.


We encountered two problems with the logo. Firstly, the design was outdated. Secondly, the company name was no longer effective. They were losing out on SEO, and the name did not explain the company’s specialization. We opted to change from ‘WE Travel’ to ‘WE Union Travel’ to boost our SEO score and differentiate ourselves from other non-union travel agencies.

We experimented with various design options and color palettes before finalizing the refreshed designs. Additionally, we created a French version of the logo since WE Union Travel serves many French-speaking Canadians.


The next step was content planning, which was fairly straightforward. The goal was to keep the website to one page with an FAQ section. We added extra content to elaborate on their services and created a wireframe to plan out optimal spots for all their call-to-action (CTA) elements.


Due to the prior creation of a wireframe and the new logo establishing the brand colours, the mockup process was smooth.


After completing the mockups, we developed other brand elements before building and launching the website, such as an email signature, social media logos and banners, as well as a tradeshow banner and tablecloth.



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